6 Months

My son turned 6 months old. After taking these photos, he had a huge blow up in his diaper and had to be changed. Life with a baby… Poop and spilling.

Then at 3:00 pm he had a 6-month well-baby check up. From 2 months to 6 months, there are so many vaccinations for babies to receive! He had to be poked 3 times. Poor baby. I would’ve been crying, too, if I had to get 3 shots in one day. Not fun at all.

He still cannot sit up by himself unless there is some support. Even if with some support, he falls on his side after 15 seconds. In Japanese, there is a proverb “Fall seven times and get up eight”. It means “when life knocks you down, stand back up.” Life is all about keep trying and working hard, don’t you think?


    • says

      Wow, thanks!! It was just today when I was thinking that exactly 12 months ago, I was 3 months pregnant and I thought to myself that it felt so long till I would meet the baby. Thanks for visiting my blog! Readers like you make me feel so happy to be blogging!

  1. june clarke says

    Hi  Your little son is adorable, you must be enjoying him as I notice we have not received any recipes for a long time. Regards


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