50 mm lens

For my birthday this year which I just celebrated a couple of weeks ago in June, my husband got me a 50 mm lens which I have warmed up in my wish list for a long time. I have always heard about the great value the 50 mm lens has for its price. It is a fun and wonderful lens to have even for people who are a beginner to photography like me. The pictures taken by the 50 mm lens have warm lighting and feel like they have clear air. The photos taken with the 50 mm lens tell stories more than regular lens which came with my camera. I am still getting used to the lens, but I hope to acquire skills so that I can benefit from having the 50 mm lens.

I’m like a little child with a new toy.


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    Looks great and ur kids are adorable. I am sure you must be soon filling up all the memory space in ur comp just like how I did with mine. I have canon eos camera and I use the 18-55mm lens which came along with the camera. Have fun and post more pics with ur new lens. Take care.

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    Happy Birthday, Kaho! Have a healthy, happy, and prosperous life! I think you’re a natural when it comes to photography. So this new lens just enhanced it :)

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    おたんじょうび おめでとう Kaho さま. How are you doing? Baby boy is looking healthy and handsome. And your two little ladies have grown! They’re not so little anymore, very cute! Yay to the 50 mm, Leony is right. You’ve got a natural talent!

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      ありがとう!!!I’m doing great. Thanks for the sweet words… I’m learning how to use the lens and I’m loving it.

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    You have some lovely images and a beautiful family. The 50mm is the only one I’ve bought so far to augment my kit lens and I love it. Someone told me that each 50mm lens comes with free photography lessons built in. It’s true, I found it a little frustrating at first but I learned so much from using it. Enjoy your birthday present, it looks like it’s already proving its worth.

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    KaHO, i enquired the price for the 50mm 1.8 lens and it is about 135 S$ still in my budget and this month was my husbands Birthday so i spent some money getting him a special gift.
    So i have 2 things for this newyear in my wishlist. !. A acoustics guitar i dont know to play a guitar but i wanted to own one that was my very long dream. and my 2 item on my list is the canon 50mm lens. For some reason i was thinking the lens will cost more than 500 S$ and now that i know the price and i am going to change my priority to %0 mm over my guitar.

    U r my inspiration. i got to do more self taught lessons on photography as my kids are growing too fast i need to capture all the best moments.

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      Thanks for the sweet comment!!! My friends have told me about how 50 mm lens is affordable and it’s definitely one of my best purchases!!

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