Lakme Fashion Week 2015 ☆ Textile Day 2 ☆ Mumbai India

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week-4

I had a lovely opportunity to go to the Day 2 Textile Day of Lakme Fashion Week 2015 in Mumbai thanks to my neighbor. This is one of the perks I have experienced as an expat here in Mumbai, India and back in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have posted photos of Indonesia Fashion Week in Jakarta on my blog. Please click here to view my post on Indonesia Fashion Week in 2013. I also had a chance to visit Bazaar Fashion Show at the beginning of our stay in Jakarta in 2010.

Every time I go to a fashion show, I realize how much I love fashion. I cannot afford to spend much money on my wardrobe, but it’s nice to be able to let my eyes indulge in the beauty of textiles, colors, design and beauty of Haute couture.


Anavila’s textile gave me a different view of sari in terms of texture and colors. The colors were beautiful. These soft palette is my favorite. I think Japanese women might like Anavila’s western style outfits. The fabric looked very soft and comfortable. The collection looked elegant and chic.

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week-2

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 1

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 2

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 3

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 4

Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015 5

DIA MIRZA modeled for Anavila’s show. I felt the whole crowd sighed with excitement of seeing Dia Mirza on the stage when she came out. Dia Mirza was dazzling with her beauty.

Dia Mirza Lakme Fashion Week 2015-15

Dia Mirza-2

The designer, Anavila Misra, of her brand Anavila and Dia Mirza walked together.

Dia Mirza Anavila Misra Lakme Fashion Week 2015-18

Anavila Misra Dia Mirza Lakme Fashion Week 2015



I loved how Patine’s collection showcased the Indian design mélange with the western style. It was beautiful and appealing. I saw many outfits of Patine that I could totally see people wearing them anywhere in the world. Some would be great for summer vacation and some could be a city wear. The versatility of the design by Shon Randhawa of Patine would probably appeal to outside of India as well.

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015 1

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015 2

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-3

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-6

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-7

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-8

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-10

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-11

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-12

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-13

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-14

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015-15

Shon Randhawa Lakme Fashion Week 2015 3



This collection of Rahul N Shikha reminded me of the Mexican design. Pop of colors was so pretty and all the models looked like princesses from a fairy tale. The workmanship of all the embroidery was amazing. Many of the people at the fashion show received the Rahul N Shikha’s scarf as a souvenir. It’s really pretty!!

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-6

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015 1

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015 2

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015 3

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015 4

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-7

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-9

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-10

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-12

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-15

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-16

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-17

Rahul N Shikha Lakme Fashion Week 2015-18

Have you noticed that all the models wore flat sandals on a runway at these three shows? I’m sure they were quite happy about that! All the shoes looked adorable, but I especially liked the Gladiator sandals with strings. I wonder if flat sandals are going to be super popular again this summer!

I had taken of this photo below of an Indian actress before the show started. She stood in front of photographers to pose for them. She looked gorgeous.

Lakme Fashion Week 2015

I hope you were able to virtually experience what it feels like to be at a fashion show in Mumbai, India through this post! Learning about Indian design is quite fascinating. Thank you for your visit to my blog!

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DIRT STORE ☆ Recycling & Waste Management in Mumbai

DIRT Recycle Mumbai

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-41

I visited DIRT, a store in Bandra West, Mumbai. The DIRT Store, as the name suggests, is a store that sells products for gardening while it promotes greenery in Mumbai. The DIRT Store is in a cute building surrounded by lots of plants and flowers that catch your eyes in the area of Reclamation in Bandra West, Mumbai. My two good expat friends have mentioned the store, DIRT, to me in the past and one of them, my dear avid reader (thank you♡), has sent me an email message highly recommending me to go check out DIRT for a blog post. A few months later, I finally made my way out to the DIRT store with my camera in hand to explore a little oasis in Mumbai.

All I can say is what an inspiring and lovely place! I had a chance to meet Natasha, one of the two founders of the organization “Dirt”, despite my impromptu visit without making an appointment (I was lucky!) who showed me around the store and the garden while explaining Dirt’s mission and contribution to the society. It is wonderful to know that The Dirt Store is making grass roots efforts to provide the knowledge to the public and educate the locals about the importance of reduce, reuse and recycle to give back to the environment we live in.

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-22

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-5

DIRT Recycle Mumbai6

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-6

This plastic bottles in the photo below is a chair that you can actually sit on.

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-2

I was told that this Christmas tree like cover in the photos below looks prettier at night when the lights are lit. It would make a lovely Christmas tree for the Christmas season, wouldn’t it?

DIRT Recycle Mumbai1

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-9

DIRT also sells these compost drums shown in the photo above. The instruction of how to use the tumbler would be taught by the DIRT staff so that the users would know what to do to make soil from the biodegradable waste. If you put 100 kg of biodegradable waste in the drum, it creates 10 kg of soil. Most of the original waste is air and water. Natasha asked if I smelled anything. The interest thing is that there was no odor coming out of the compost bins. If you treat food waste properly, even the smell is gone!

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-10

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-11

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-12

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-14

DIRT Recycle Mumbai

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-16

These pots connected with tubes and a blue tank were designed by Natasha. This system is made in a way such that when the soil needs water, the water comes out of the tank and fills the bottom space of the pots and when the spaces for the water is filled, the water stops. It’s a self-sustaining watering system. This allows the potted plants to survive without human help. How brilliant is this?

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-15

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-35

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-18

These are upcycled lamp shades. Can you tell what was used to create them?

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-24

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-25

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-27

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-29

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-31

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-37

DIRT Recycle Mumbai5

DIRT Recycle Mumbai2

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-42

When you ask expats about the impression they have of Mumbai, a lot of them would mention the trash seen on the streets. While it is sad to see people who do not care, there exists local people who care about the city’s environment. The transformation won’t happen over night. Probably not even in months. It might take years, but the important thing to remember is that collection of small actions to clean the city and improve environment taken by individuals will eventually improve the environment over time.

Here are great articles available about DIRT.

The Dirt store on DNA

Let’s Recycle :Natasha D’Costa, a plastic bottle mountain, and lots of DIRT on

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-32

DIRT Recycle Mumbai-38



Side Notes

This is actually my second time to feature a store whose name is pronounced “dirt” on my blog. What they have in common is that they both sell products that are made of recycled materials. The first one was when I was in Jakarta, Indonesia. I featured a store called “DYRT” Design which stands for “Do You Recycle Too?” DYRT Design has beautiful fashion products made of recycling materials such as billboard vinyls, various packaging, and so forth. If you are curious about DYRT Design, please click HERE.

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Ccaza Ccomodore Alibag ☆ Relaxing Vacation Destination Nearby Mubai

Alibag Yoga Retreat-4

If you live in Mumbai and would like to take a break from a big city and go away on a long weekend without a hassle of flying, one place that would come up in my mind is Pune. Now the other destination that I would recommend is Alibag which is about a 3-hour drive from Mumbai. Some of my friends have gone to Alibag and they all seem to have stayed at Ccaza Ccomodore. They always spoke highly of Ccaza Ccomodore bungalow, but I never thought to go there with my family. After staying at Ccasa Ccomodore in Alibag for my yoga teacher training retreat, my experience was much like “a picture is worth thousand words”. Now I would love to bring my family to Alibag.

Ccaza Ccomodore is known among expats. It has 3 bedrooms and one additional guest room in a small building. When you book, you would have to book the whole house. During the yoga teacher training retreat, there were 13 of us adults staying at Ccaza Ccomodore and I felt that it accommodated us comfortably. All three meals are included in the price which was great. Ccaza Ccomodore is known for its delicious food. I can attest to that.

Once you get there, you wouldn’t feel the need to leave the bungalow. If you go to Ccaza Ccomodore with your children, I recommend you go there with another family or two. That way you can split the cost, but also your kids will have more fun. Your children would entertain each other if they have friends. There are a trampoline, a tire swing, ping-pong table, hammock and so forth. Bringing a board game or two will come in handy. Books and magazines will make a good company as well.

If you have a baby or toddler who walk or crawl, you would have to keep an eye on your child in certain areas because of the design around staircases. You can also bring your dog to Ccaza Ccomodore. During our stay, there were a few neighborhood dogs who came to hang out with us in the morning. They were friendly, but played quite roughly. A friend of mine who stayed at Ccaza Ccomodore in the past said it never happened to her when she and her family went there. It might not happen to you, but I thought I’d tell you in case anyone would like to know about it.

Alibag Yoga Retreat1

Alibag Yoga Retreat-2

Alibag Yoga Retreat-3

Alibag Yoga Retreat outside

Alibag Yoga Retreat-9

Alibag Yoga Retreat-8

Alibag Yoga Retreat2

Alibag Yoga Retreat Tranpoline

Alibag Yoga Retreat-11

Alibag Yoga Retreat House

Alibag Yoga Retreat

Alibag Yoga Retreat-7

Alibag Yoga Retreat-115

Alibag Yoga Retreat-123

Alibag Yoga Retreat-20

688 Village Dhokawade No 2
Mhatre Phata, Alibaug 11022, India

TEL: +91 982 013 2158


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