Friday Finds ☆ Lucknowi Crafts ☆ Indian Kurtas & Kurtis ☆ Mumbai

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I needed to get a white kurti for an occasion, but I did not want to spend a lot on it. I thought about going to Neemrana because they have some beautiful kurtis for women with beautiful embroideries. Some of them are reasonable and some others can be expensive depending on the material such as silk. Neemrana is great, but my friend recommended me a place called Lucknowi Crafts and told me that they are quite reasonable. Thus, I decided to try Lucknowi Crafts first. I figured if I don’t find anything I like at Lucknowi, then I could always go to Neemrana.

I did find a lovely kurti in white with a very reasonable price! If I end up wearing it only once, I would not mind it. I don’t have a photo of my new kurti at the moment, but maybe I will add it to this post later.

If you are in the market for an Indian outfit such as a kurta (for men)/kurti (for women) and you are in Bandra, I recommend Lucknowi. I’m sure there are many other places to shop. Mumbai has an endless list of shops, but it always helps to get recommendations from friends, doesn’t it? I listed the address as well as the street photos of the shop to help you find the store. I hope you find this post helpful for you!

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Lucknowi Crafts Indian Kurtas Mumbai-5

Lucknowi Crafts Indian Kurtas Mumbai-6

Lucknowi Crafts Indian Kurtas Mumbai-7

Lucknowi Crafts Indian Kurtas Mumbai-8

Lucknowi Crafts Indian Kurtas Mumbai-9

Lucknowi Crafts Indian Kurtas Mumbai-10

Lucknowi Crafts Indian Kurtas Mumbai-11

Lucknowi Crafts Indian Kurtas Mumbai-12

10 – 11, Rizvi House, 34 Hill Road
Hill Road, Mumbai 400050
Next To Bandra Police Station

TEL: +91-22 6161 5106

Below are the photos of the street near Lucknowi to help you find it. Good luck!

The first two photos below are the view of the street when you stand in front of Lucknowi Crafts facing your back to the shop.

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This photo below is the view of Lucknowi Crafts if you stand on the other side of Hill Road.

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Friday Finds ☆ Peshawri at ITC Hotel Maratha Mumbai

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-3

Even though I live in India, I don’t often go out to eat at an Indian restaurant. It’s ironic because when we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia my family and I used to go to an Indian restaurant maybe once every couple of weeks or at least once a month. We do get to eat delicious Indian food at home which might be the reason why.

I was lucky enough to be part of a girls night out and had a chance to eat at Peshawri at ITC Maratha Mumbai. One of the lady friends I went with knew exactly what to order. If you ever go there, I highly recommend the dishes we ate there. I don’t remember the names of the dishes, but I think you can figure them out by seeing the photos I have posted on this post. Every single dish was really nice and looking at these photos make my mouth water. I loved them!!

If you ask whether I would go back to Peshawri, I would definitely say yes. It’s not a place where I would bring my little kids, though. The reason is because it is located inside a 5 star hotel, ITC Maratha Mumbai, and it’s an upscale restaurant in terms of pricing. Just to give you an idea, the least expensive dish to order, a small bowl of dal, which is a thick stew prepared from lentils, cost 700 Rs. (about US$12). A bowl of curry type of dish, which would serve 2 people or one male customer as a main dish was about 1700 Rs. or more (almost US$30).

We paid 4,300 Rs (US$70+) per person for the entire dinner. Who said it’s cheap to live in Mumbai? Ordering alcoholic beverages in India at restaurants is costly, so if you go without alcohol, you can lower the cost. However, when you go out with friends, why not have fun? Since the restaurant is inside a hotel, that might have also contributed to the higher cost due to a tax specifically for a restaurant inside a hotel was added to the price. It was an exquisite meal with a price, though!

I imagine that Peshawri would make a great entertaining dining for business dinners, date nights or girls nights. If I go back, I would pick a special occasion to go back to Peshawri. By the way, the ITC Hotel itself was stunning! The door men in a traditional Indian uniform made the experience to be there as a foreigner so exotic and fun as well. I highly recommend visiting the hotel at least if you have a chance.

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai1

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-9

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai2

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-10Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-12

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-11

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-13

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-14

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-15

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-19

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-18

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-17

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai-16

Peshawri ITC Maratha Mumbai


ITC Maratha, Mumbai
Taj Ganj, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282001, India
TEL (91) (562) 4021700
FAX (91) (562) 2331730

How Yoga Got Me Through A Stressful Week Feeling Tranquil

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This was how my week went.

My toddler son woke up at 3:30 a.m. He threw up in his bed. I slept on the floor with him. He had a stomach bug.

In the afternoon, he threw up projectile when I was holding him.

My middle child, second daughter, spent her half day in the nurse room and came home with a headache.

She missed school and stayed home.

I found head lice on my second daughter. (14 Facts About Lice & How To Treat) I spent two plus hours with her to treat her head lice.

My son threw a huge tantrum. I cancelled my morning plan.

On Saturday morning my husband came down with a stomach bug. He stayed in bed all day. I cancelled our dinner appointment.

Normally I would’ve felt flustered, exhausted and frustrated at the end of a week like this. I did not feel any of them, though. I was able to keep my calm. Honestly the only day I felt stressed was on Friday when my son threw a big tantrum.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetPhoto taken at The Yoga House

I thought to myself “why is it different this time?” How have I kept myself unshaken from my eventful week? The only explanation I had was the yoga class I have been taking. A yoga teacher training course I signed up for started at the end of January this year (2015) and it is ongoing. It’s been an eye-opening experience.

There are several reasons why I signed up for a yoga teacher training course. The opportunity came is one thing. The hype about yoga always made me curious why people loved it so much because I never got it. I’m turning 40 this year and I wanted to do something special for myself. I thought this would be very special. Not only do I get to learn yoga in the birth land of Yoga, India, I get to have a yoga teaching certificate. When I have to leave India, which will happen in a couple of years, I will be able to take a piece of India with me. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 40th birthday.

Mumbai Water

Now back to the question. How did yoga changed my attitude towards my daily life?

In order for me to be able to explain how yoga helped me, please allow me to write a little about Hatha Yoga. Here is a quote from my text book.

“The process of Yoga is not merely a pursuit of fitness but a process of refining towards a steady state of peace and contentment. One cannot expect the “benefits” of Yoga if one is not ready to invest in dedicated and diligent practice.”

Hatha Yoga
I’m learning traditional Hatha Yoga. Its belief lies on the connection between breath, life energy called “prana” (I think prana is like “soul” in a sense that it is what makes a difference between a body with life and corpse) and the body. The breath connects the mind, emotions, physical body, and energy body.

Asana, “yoga postures” or “yoga positions” in the Western notion, is an instrument in Hatha Yoga to connect the above mentioned elements. Asana works on the body with the breathing and pursues the spiritual discipline. In my own words, aligning the body and staying still in asana with breathing creates a pipeline for the mind, emotions and body. (As a side note, Asana without the breathing element is mechanical and a mere stretch exercise. That is not in the true principles of Hatha Yoga.)

I still have so much to learn, but my breathing has changed the way I am. I’m more aware of my emotions as a result of paying attention to my breathing. The asana practices (yoga posture practices) have been my time to escape from any noises I have in my head, face my inner self and listen to my body. The emotional sways that I experience in my daily life seem to have lessened and do not affect my mind as much.

Another thing I learned in the class is to surrender and accept. I have never known about acceptance and surrender in Yoga philosophy until now. It helps to hear in the classroom that there are things that are out of our hand and there is no point of getting worked up about it. When it happens, surrendering to the situation and breathing slowly and consciously can calm your mind.

In asana there are so many postures with a quality for surrender and letting go. By doing those postures with conscious breathing it feels that it reaches my subconscious mind and removes some clouds that hang out there if this makes any sense. It’s hard to explain because it’s not the tangible process.

This is just a small part of what I have learned. It’s been very rewarding to have yoga in my life. I’m also grateful for this opportunity to be in a classroom to learn something new. I realize how I love learning and indulge in the joy of learning. I wish I was this dedicated to education when I was in college.

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